Not The Islam I Know

This book is a reflection about Islam in the present time from the perspective of a Muslim Academic,a Malaysian and a that order! It is NOT a book of religious discourse, it is a journey of self-discovery related to the meaning of religious life, spirituality and the place of Islam in the context of human civilisation, history, architecture and politics. The author peels off cultural,racial,institutional,political and educational layering of the concept of Islam as a way of life. To many Muslim dominated societies and nations, the questioning mind is 'taboo' at best, a 'crime' at worst. To the author's simple understanding, the great religious traditionslike Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism provide a picture of Man standing as equal to any other regardless of race, social status or economic measures. This book is about how a Muslim who has read over 20,000 hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad, various versions of Qur'anic Tafsirs and many more books about Islam now sees his own culture and race in a disturbing light. This publication hopes to inpire reflection,not condemnation, of the practices, values and attitudes about Islam in modern society.

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