Far & Sure

"Malaysia today needs a dose of fun and happiness that goes beyond skin-deep."

Jumping back and forth through his retirement, Zaid Ibrahim traverses the globe one golf course at a time, from Bukit Besi to Black Mountain, from Saujana to St. Andrews, in this collection of essays that are one part reflection, one part confession, and one part meditation. These 67 short vignettes make for quite the magnificent mishmash. Whether he is contemplating the spiritual underpinnings of the sport or the complex relationship between mosque and state, Zaid Ibrahim brings his unique blend of irreverence, wit and perceptive analysis to bera on the marvellous mania that is both gold and Malaysia.

Far & Sure: For Golf and Country is a view of our nation from the green, the quiet considerations of a man with Malaysia forever on his mind, irrespective where he chooses to lay his clubs.

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